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Online Sessions

Single Half-Hour Online Session

Series of Four Half-Hour Online Sessions

Professional Continuing Education Credit Courses

Online Vocal Toning and Drum Talk Courses for Music Therapy CBMT Continuing Education Credits

Learn Vocal Toning Online for Massage Therapy Continuing Education Credits

Instructional Manuals/CD’S/DVD’S

Three Seeds of Drum Talk
Ages 0 to 7, Teachers / Parents.  Includes audio tracks and manual.

CORE Vocable Grids For Sight Reading
Ages 5 to Adult, Teachers / Parents.  For beginners. Does not include audio tracks.  Does not require drumming.

FOUNDATION Vocable Grids With Audio
Ages 8 to Adult,  Teachers / Parents.  Purchase includes: IM-4 Empty Framing Patterns Does not require drumming.

Empty FRAMING Patterns for Play Along

8 audio tracks and manual.


Mastering SYNCOPATION, Level 1

Ages 8 to Adult,  Teachers / Parents.  Includes: IM-4 Empty Framing Patterns, audio tracks and manual.  Applies to all instruments.


Set of All 5 Manuals and Audio Tracks above. $99.99

Empowerment Through Improvisation

College level curriculum.


Skill Builders For  Freedom Through Vocal Toning



Vibrational Energy Music Recordings

Vibrational Healing Recording Journals
… Intentionally for One Person
Price includes prep and post-production time.
If you are unable to afford this, please contact me.


Music Recordings for Bodywork, Yoga and Movement